Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

Ein kleines Quiz...

Hallo allerseits :)

Bei Viva habe ich grade dieses Quiz entdeckt und fand die Lösung schon sehr witzig :D
Es geht um die Frage, welche Beauty-Marke zu einem passt und hier mein Ergebnis:

Your free spirit and insatiable curiosity makes you the perfect candidate for MAC Cosmetics. You're all about trying anything and everything, especially when it comes to out-there makeup shades, so MAC's never-ending supply of hues is perfect for you. Leave it to you to be the only girl in the room with a bright coral lip, green eyeliner and a million compliments.

Your "It" products:

- You don't always wear foundation but when you do, it's gotta look flawless. After your moisturizer dries, use a powder compact foundation that matches your skin exactly (try MAC Studio Fix, $26) for easy, buildable application and touchups.

- Remember that bit about coral lips and green eyeliner? We're so not kidding. MAC is known for their insanely bright, rich colors so why not take advantage? For a sweet, sexy and kinda serious effect, try drawing a thin, extended line (think cat-eye) with a dark green eyeliner like MAC Liquidlast in Inkspill, $16.50. Then line lips with coral lip liner like MAC Cremestick Liner in Summerfruit, $14.50 and slick on a peachy/coral MAC Tinted Lipglass, $14 (try Lychee Luxe). Shazam! Instant glam, totally unique, just like you.

Die Studio Fix Foundation habe ich ja schon, dann muss ich jetzt nur noch die anderen kaufen ;)

Was sind eure Ergebnisse? Passt es genau so gut?

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